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The Quest for Rest

The Quest for Rest

Apr 11, 2021

Passage: Joshua 1:1-18

Preacher: Allen Duty

Series: Courageous Faith: The Book of Joshua

Category: Sunday Morning


This weekend we begin our new series through the Book of Joshua, "Courageous Faith." The sermon will cover chapter 1 and is called, "The Quest for Rest." After 400 years in slavery and 40 years wandering the desert, the Israelites badly needed rest. But they had failed to enter the Promised Land due to a lack of faith (which is why they had to wander for four decades), and now Moses was dead. What would they do? God, in his kindness, raised up Joshua, Moses' assistant, to take his place and lead the people into the Promised Land, the land of rest. In this first sermon, we'll consider his calling to be strong and courageous, and learn that Jesus is the strong, courageous leader we need to guide us into our perfect, permanent rest.