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Christ, the Hope of Every Sinner.

Christ, the Hope of Every Sinner.

Sep 17, 2017

Passage: 1 Timothy 2:8-15

Preacher: Allen Duty

Series: Fight the Good Fight: The Pastoral Epistles

Category: Sunday Morning

Keywords: complementarianism, gender, modesty, salvation


Our society increasingly seeks to minimize or eliminate differences between men and women. However, God created men and women differently – as complements.

Unfortunately, both men and women have been radically affected by the Fall. Our sinful natures express themselves in different ways, but our sins dishonor God and disrupt the worship and unity of the church. 

Thankfully, God provided the Savior we need through the person and work of Christ. The main point is that both men and women fail to obey God perfectly, but we will be saved through faith in Christ.