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A Tale of Two Kingdoms

A Tale of Two Kingdoms

Jun 09, 2019

Passage: Psalms 2:1-12

Preacher: Cody Groves

Series: Steadfast: Psalms for All Seasons

Category: Sunday Morning

Keywords: psalm 2, steadfast: psalms for all seasons


We'll be reminded that the war between the kingdom of self and the Kingdom of God has been raging ever since our first parents Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden....and the war continues to rage in our hearts and in our world today. God promises judgement for sin but the Good News is that God has not left us in our sin. He has spoken, made a decree, and given a promise that Jesus would come to free us from sin! He kept his promise and the Psalmist ends Psalm 2 by calling us to heed this warning and turn in submission to Jesus, the better David, in worship and be a witness for the glory of God. We'll learn that God's Kingdom is the only kingdom worth living for.