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God is in Control!

God is in Control!

Aug 26, 2018

Passage: Ezra 1

Preacher: Allen Duty

Series: Renewed Worship: The Book of Ezra

Category: Sunday Morning

Keywords: hope


This week we began our new series, "Renewed Worship: The Book of Ezra." We will cover all of Ezra 1 in a message called, "God is in Control!"

This book begins where 2 Chronicles leaves off. The year is 538BC, and King Cyrus of Persia has recently conquered the Babylonian empire. (Babylon is the nation that conquered the southern kingdom of Israel, known as Judah, between 605BC and 586BC, leaving Jerusalem in ruins and the temple burned to the ground.)

In spite of all the prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel, the Jews probably felt forgotten by God, perhaps even forsaken by him, during their exile. Things probably felt very out of control.

But then Cyrus, in fulfillment of the prophecies of Isaiah 44:28-45:6, issues an edict in 538BC, and tells the Jews they can return home and rebuild Jerusalem and the temple. This starts what is functionally a second exodus for the people of God, and we see clearly that God had been working out his plans all along through the course of human history.

At the outset of a new year, perhaps there is no greater reminder for our church body than the one we had on Sunday. We learned that God is in control, and he works all things together for our good.