Kim grew up in Houston where she came to know and love the Lord through attending church with a high school friend. Her faith grew in college, particularly as she served with Young Life while pursuing her BS in Applied Learning and Development from The University of Texas at Austin. Kim joined New Life, and met her future husband, Trent, in 2010 when she moved to the area. She’s now happily employed as a wife, homeschooling mother of two, and admin for a local realtor. 

Kim’s love for the Lord overflows in her love for others and caring for her family and friends is a high priority in her life. Hospitality is close to her heart, and she hosts and helps lead the life group that meets in her home. She is grateful for New Life’s devotion to biblical teaching and the way the church cares for its members. Passionate about spiritual, physical, and mental health for herself and those around her, you’ll find Kim outdoors with her family, exercising, or reading a book in her free time.