Raised in Arlington, TX, Elizabeth grew up attending church and God used a Christian sports camp to show her the depths of her sin. Understanding that her heart needed to be changed and that she was incapable of doing it, fifth-grade Elizabeth confessed her sin and trusted in Jesus. She moved to College Station to complete her Bachelor degree at Texas A&M. Elizabeth is happily married to her husband, Joseph, and a stay-at-home mom to Isla, Moceley, Brooks, and Cam. 

Elizabeth joined New Life in 2011 and loves the commitment members have to each other, the desire to grow in Christlikeness together, and all of the intentionality and creativity that happens as the church uses its gifts to edify one another. She and Joseph have served together in New Life NextGen ministries and now lead a Life Group. An unashamed coffee snob, Elizabeth would rather not drink “coffee water” from a Keurig, preferring to make her own dark roast french press instead. In her free time, you might find her taking a nap, or cleaning, listening to a podcast, and laughing at her own jokes, all with a cup of coffee in hand.