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Missions at New Life

At New Life, our aim is to raise up, send out, and support workers through the local church to unreached and unevangelized areas of the world with the goal of planting and building up healthy, indigenous churches.

The Scriptures tell us that we are members of one another (1 Cor. 12:12-27), that we are called to submit our lives to one another (Eph. 5:21) and to the elders of the church (Heb. 13:17, 1 Pt. 5:5). This leads us to approach missions with a focus on individuals coming alongside the local church rather than the local church coming alongside people in their individual pursuits of missions. A great story that depicts this conviction of ours is found in Acts 13 with the church at Antioch. Paul and Barnabas were involved in teaching with others and were content to remain in Antioch. However, the Holy Spirit spoke to the group of church leaders to send out Paul and Barnabas to go to Cyprus. Like the leaders in Antioch, we desire to prayerfully identify, build up, and send out missionaries to the areas where God has led us.

We hope to be an incredible blessing, partner, and support to our missionaries. Rather than the occasional note of encouragement, we plan to email, Skype, and visit our missionaries on a regular basis. To do this, we know that a few things must be in place. We must know our missionaries personally, and we must care about the geographic region. For this to happen, New Life has opted to focus its efforts in a few strategic regions well rather than many half-heartedly. We plan to send workers to these areas in teams and for these teams to grow and multiply as we add New Life missionaries and as we see churches begin to grow, mature, and establish themselves.

Unfortunately, to accomplish this goal, we have to say “no” to many wonderful ideas and people. While our heart is to encourage, train, or support all who desire to serve as missionaries, we know our limitations, and we know that we will be unable to be as effective in supporting our efforts in a few strategic locations if we say “yes” to those who are not joining the efforts in the regions that New Life feels called.

If you are an involved member of New Life who feels called to go, I would encourage you to make every effort to have New Life officially partner with you and send you to one of our regions of ministry. All goers from New Life will take the following steps.

First, begin having a conversation with the Missions Pastor or a member of the Missions Advisory Team about your heart to go as a missionary.

Second, sign up for the classes that we offer locally to help you grow as a disciple-maker and to broaden your understanding of the Great Commission. Perspectives and Multiply Groups are the two opportunities that are required of New Life goers.

Third, apply for the Goer Life Group. This is our nine-month training for goers. It lasts from August through May. You will be required to move for the training so that everyone lives and ministers in the same apartment complex in College Station.

Fourth, take a vision trip. Visit the country that you hope to minister. Visit the training center that you hope to partner with. Consider which New Life region would be the best fit for you. Listen for a clear plan for where God is leading you. Let vision trips clarify your vision and passion.

Fifth, contact the Missions Pastor or a member of the Missions Advisory Team about scheduling a formal assessment. This is a thorough assessment of your character, calling, and competency.

Sixth, continue to meet with someone from your assessment who can coach and counsel you if the decision is made for New Life to officially partner with you overseas.

Seventh, develop a Barnabas Team, which is a small group of three to five individuals who come together to serve on the front lines of spiritual warfare by caring for New Life missionaries in a variety of ways. Contact the Missions Pastor or a member of the Missions Advisory Team for more information.

Finally, deepen relationships with a variety of New Life members who will be able to strengthen and comfort you as partners in ministry in the years to come.

We commend you for your good desire of making mature disciples to see healthy churches planted among the unreached.

Do you believe you are called to go? Learn more about our heart to faithfully send and support missionaries at New Life.

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