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Why Do We Tell Stories?

Stories bring honor and glory to Jesus Christ.

God is at work all around us and we can give him praise when we highlight all that He is up to. We do everything we can to let the church and the rest of the world in on the great things God is accomplishing, which deepens our worship of him through that knowledge.

Stories encourage the saints.

As our eyes are opened to what God is doing around us, we are encouraged to take our eyes off ourselves and put our focus on God and His work. We are encouraged to press on in the midst of disheartening circumstances, suffering and trials and daily discouragements. We are given the gift of hope as we remember the God we serve, the One who keeps His promises and is fulfilling His redemption story right in our midst.

Stories exhort our people to action.

Stories can be used to move in the hearts and actions of our body of believers as the Holy Spirit works in them to give them courage to embrace mission, step out in faith, and to believe God can use them. Stories remind us that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.


A Vital Ministry

Posted by Marcia Metzger on

Once per month, the Whitley Life Group meets with the residents at the Crestview Nursing Home in Bryan for a time of fellowship, hymn singing, teaching and prayer. It is a joyous time for everyone involved -- both the residents of Crestview and the visitors from New Life. The spark that God used...

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A Joyful Noise

Posted by Chandler Allen on

If you are around the New Life building on Tuesday mornings, chances are you will hear the joyful noises of several toddlers and their moms praising Jesus together. Cassandra White, New Life member since 2012 and mother of three, has long held a passion for both teaching and music, and was...

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Seeking Wise Counsel

Posted by Chloe Chapa on

According to the dictionary, a “mentor” is defined as a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. Proverbs 19:20 instructs us to “listen to counsel and accept discipline, that you may be wise the rest of your days.” One way we can do this is through having a mentor...

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Time is a Gift Worth Giving

Posted by Brooke B. on

The weekly exhortation to  “cheerfully, regularly, and humbly give of your time, talents and treasures,” as written in the church covenant, is one that New Life members have heard over and over again. Some college students may see this encouragement as daunting or difficult, but...

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Tags: college students

Thanksgiving Leads to Action

Posted by Chloe Chapa on

With Thanksgiving approaching, we find ourselves bombarded with tedious tasks and heavy pressures to get everything done. Thanksgiving comes around every year and yet we still fall into the same unhealthy busyness that tends to restrict us from looking up and seeing what opportunities God has...

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