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6 Things About the Preserve

Posted by Brooke B. on

In January, after months of demolition, building, and preparation, New Life opened the doors to its newest addition, the Preserve. Located at 700 University Drive East Suite 110, a few doors down from New Life’s main building, the Preserve serves as a place of formal discipleship and fellowship.

Here are six things you may not know about the Preserve:
  1. The name of the building is drawn from New Life’s church covenant: “We exist to preserve and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to make mature disciples of all nations for the glory of God.” Pastoral Assistant Trent Cannon says one of his favorite things about the Preserve is that it “allows us to do what the name says. It allows us to preserve the never changing truths and realities of God’s word. In our postmodern age, it is crucial that we never steer from the supremacy and sufficiency of God’s word.”

  2. As you enter the Preserve, a friendly face will be sure to welcome you and assist with children’s ministry check-in. Receptionists help to answer any questions for visitors or members. “I love getting to meet and engage with so many members of the church at one time,” shares receptionist Andrea Buck.

  3. Inside the Preserve, students from kindergarten through twelfth grade are able to have their own space for discipleship and learning. Youth Coordinator Jay Neisimier describes the youth room as having a home-like feeling with couches and games: “The kids feel like they are a part of the church with the consideration that was put into making a space for them, especially with the giant sign on the wall saying ‘You belong here.’” Children’s Ministry Coordinator Daniel Bechtold adds, “It’s so neat to interact with the other ages and feel the excitement of all the discipleship going on in that building!” Children and youth discipleship happen in the Preserve during the 11 AM service each Sunday.

  4. Adult discipleship classes are held in the Preserve each Sunday morning at 11 AM. The discipleship classes exist to develop mature disciples who are able to equip and train disciples of all nations. Many families have been able to participate in discipleship classes as the Preserve offers a Sunday morning package deal where their kids can attend children’s or youth discipleship at the same time. Currently, there are three 12-week courses in progress and one six-week course that will begin March 25.

  5. Bumping into friends in the lobby may lead to conversations, encouragement and getting to your class late! We have heard many people say that this aspect of Sunday mornings has been one of their favorite things. Since the schedule leaves enough transition time in between services and classes, it allows for ample and valuable fellowship time. New Life member N.M. shares that her favorite part of the Preserve is how it brings together people within the church, “In the foyer and on the sidewalk outside the Preserve, there are people coming to discipleship classes and dropping off their children that have a chance to talk to each other. Before the classes start each week, I enjoy getting to talk to people that I may not see during the week. The space and classes inside the Preserve allow my Sunday morning rhythms to intersect with more people than it previously has.

  6. Each Tuesday morning at 6:30 AM New Life members gather in the Preserve to pray for the local church, ministries of New Life, and other Christians around the world. The hour together is designed to be a time where believers can come together to praise God, confess sin, and present requests before the Lord. New Life member Kye Johnson helps to lead the prayer meetings and describes the time together, “The first thirty minutes are dedicated to a passage of scripture and praying in response to it. Learning how to pray through scripture has been a valuable tool in my prayer life as well. If you struggle to find the words to pray, use God's words.”