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When What If Becomes What Now

When What If Becomes What Now

Jun 06, 2021

Passage: Joshua 10:1

Preacher: Allen Duty

Series: Courageous Faith: The Book of Joshua

Category: Sunday Morning


Back in chapter 7, Israel was defeated by the small army of Ai and Joshua cried out to the Lord. His biggest fear came out in that prayer - that the other armies would hear of Israel's defeat, band together, and wipe Israel off the map. Well, here at the outset of chapter 10, Joshua's biggest fear is realized. Five kings band together to attack Gibeon, Israel's new ally. What will Joshua do? His "what if" has turned into "what now." We see through this text that God is always in control, even when it seems like he isn't, and he is working for our good and his glory in all things. We simply need the lens of faith to see things as they really are.