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In For the Long Haul

Posted by Kendra Duty on

If you’ve been at New Life for any length of time, you know that saying goodbye to the Forbes family in May of this year was one of the hardest things we’ve done. Nathan and Rebekah Forbes were original members of the core group that planted the church, beloved life group leaders and friends. Also, for the past two years, Nathan had been serving on staff as the full-time Missions and Community Pastor before they were called to missions training. Rebekah officially served in several ministries of the church, but unofficially brought authenticity, compassion, and truth to her conversations in and around New Life. Their two little girls, Piper and Clara, did their part in bringing joy and smiles to adults and children alike.

It’s clear why they are missed, but saying “goodbye,” though somewhat accurate, isn’t really the phrase that best conveys their journey. New Life sent and is sending them with our love, provision, and prayers to be trained for the mission field, now and for the duration of their mission. They are currently in Los Fresnos, TX with a sending ministry called To Every Tribe for a two-year training program before they are permanently placed on the mission field in Latin America. We intend on seeing them again, and above all, maintaining relationships as their support base and hub, no matter where they are or where they are sent.

In Los Fresnos, their home for the next two years, they are enjoying the small town feel (est. population 5,000), and the girls are adjusting to the changes that come with traveling and moving. Living at the To Every Tribe apartment complex has given them built-in community with the other trainees and friends right next door. While Nathan is learning in the classroom, Rebekah has opportunities to participate in weekly chapel and “missiogatherings”, where they meet with their Mexico team, share a meal, and worship and pray together. She’s also thankful that childcare is provided several times a month so that she can learn in the classroom as well.

When it comes to the content of the training, Nathan admits, “Each week, it has become more apparent how necessary robust training is for long-term effectiveness as a missionary. We've been learning that missionaries often must go slower to go further faster, and we continually thank God for this opportunity to learn and grow as cross-cultural ministers of the gospel.” His favorite class so far has been one titled, “The Theology of Risk.” Regarding that class he says,

“Through our discussions and study of the Word, I've moved forward this semester with a fresh hunger to be fully engaged in the spiritual war against darkness that we are called to fight as Christians.”

We desire to keep the Forbes family at the forefront here at New Life, not just to keep you in the know, but so that you can be informed how to persevere in prayer for them, knowing they are in this for the long haul and, therefore, so are we. Rebekah shares how we can specifically bless them in that way.

“We are learning so much about the Lord and about ourselves, you can pray that these things would sink deep into our hearts and minds so that we can take them with us and use the tools we're being given on the field. We know that we want to be in Latin America, so you can pray that the Lord would already be opening doors and give us wisdom on where He would have us plant long term.”