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Good Soldiers

Posted by Jo LeGare on

“. . . And what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also. Share in the suffering as a good soldier of Christ Jesus. . .”
– 2 Timothy 2:2-3 (ESV)

Eliza Price, New Life member and Texas A&M college student, did not know the importance of this scripture until she actually lived out its implications this summer.

Eliza’s journey began by joining a Multiply Group this summer with some young ladies from New Life. Multiply Groups provide opportunities for sharing God’s story with others, as well as the tools and accountability to pursue people and “multiply” by going and making disciples. Through this experience, Eliza has shared the gospel with several women in College Station, prayed fervently for the nations, and rejoiced in new friendships made within the group.

After being equipped for battle through her multiply group, she was sent with Texas A&M’s Cru to South Asia for a month. Regardless of the place or situation, the brokenness she saw affected her deeply. She grieved for the 97.7% of South Asians who didn’t know Jesus Christ, and often felt helpless in the face of this, yet was spurred on to share the gospel freely to those she came to serve.

From the minute she stepped foot into South Asia, our Sovereign Lord was guiding Eliza’s steps. She met a young woman named Jyoti, originally from Mizoram, a northeastern province of Asia. Mizoram is unique because of its cultural and historical background. Wedged between Myanmar and China, the Mizo people look more like their ancestors from Tibet and China and they are predominately Christian, setting them apart from their neighboring provinces.

Thus, Jyoti felt “burdened, overwhelmed, and alone” in her faith, an outsider physically and spiritually. Even though leaders in her village and a professor from her campus urged her to share the gospel, she didn’t know where to begin. As Eliza explained to me, “the weight to worship without a community is a heavy burden to bear.”

Eliza experienced similar feelings as Jyoti. Even though a good soldier desires to please the commander who sent him, Eliza still felt like she was lacking. When she met Jyoti, she was able to empathize with her, and share the tools she was equipped with this summer. She shared 2 Timothy 2:2-3 with her, that entrusting the gospel to faithful men who would share with others is the purpose of our lives. In essence, to be spiritual multipliers for God’s kingdom.

Jyoti was shocked—she thought sharing the gospel meant “preaching to the masses,” not entrusting it to faithful men! By clearing some of Jyoti’s confusion, Eliza was able to encourage, uplift, and mobilize her using the tools she received this summer through her Multiply Group. Also, she gave Jyoti’s contact information to the South Asian staff so that she could be discipled long-term.

In His faithfulness, God used Eliza’s weakness to reach one of His children across the globe and mobilized Jyoti to share the gospel on her campus. I think our response should aptly be, “Father, how can You use me as a soldier for your kingdom?” and “Who are faithful men and women that I can entrust the gospel to?”

Maybe your step of faith is as simple as encouraging those younger in the faith to “multiply” their faith in boldness here in College Station. Maybe it is traveling across the globe to tell others about him and finding authenticity in the process. Whatever it may be, pray to the Lord of the harvest, asking that you may be found faithful in the opportunities entrusted to you.