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God's Compassion for His People


Jan 20, 2019

Passage: Nehemiah 1:1-4

Preacher: Allen Duty

Series: Courageous Leadership: The Book of Nehemiah

Category: Sunday Morning


In this passage, Nehemiah learns that 140 years after the fall of Jerusalem, its walls and gates are still broken down and burned with fire. Despite rebuilding and reopening the temple some 70 years ago, despite all the spiritual reforms instituted by Ezra about 13 years before, the people are still in danger and exposed with no wall and no gates. Nehemiah is compassionately moved to weep, and then to fast and pray. In doing this, he is a tangible expression of God's compassion for his people - just as we are when we love and serve others. We'll learn that God shows compassion for his people through his people.