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New Life Sending Guidelines

New Life exists to preserve and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to make mature disciples of all nations for the glory of God, and we want our members to seriously consider whether or not God is calling them as goers. However, our hope is to not only send as many as possible but to send mature, healthy members who will thrive on the mission field long-term. Therefore, this sending checklist applies to any who will be sent out long-term by New Life. 


The potential missionary should notice a particular gifting and passion toward missions that is noticed by others in the community. They will solidify this calling through a vision trip and ongoing discipleship with internationals in the community. They will walk through an assessment process with the Missionary Assessment Team who will give a recommendation on whether or not to send out the potential missionary.


The potential missionary must participate in the Perspectives on the World Movement Class, join the Goer Life Group, and make plans to complete additional training through their sending organization.