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Missions FAQs

Multiply Groups

Who should consider doing a Multiply Group?

Multiply Groups are designed for believers established in their walks with the Lord. The goal is to become disciple-makers through hands-on training and skills.

How is a Multiply Group different than Life Group?

Multiply Groups are community groups with a clear goal of making disciples who will go and make disciples. While this is one hope of Life Groups, this is the primary emphasis of Multiply Groups.

What is the time commitment for a Multiply Group? Can I do a Multiply Group and stay involved in my Life Group?

A member of a Multiply Group commits to a weekly meeting and also to a 3-2-1 structure each week: 3 hours of Jesus, 2 hours of reaching out to the lost, and 1 hour of prayer for the lost.

It is possible to do both a ten-week Multiply Group along with continuing your Life Group; it is also possible to step out of your Life Group for a season while choosing to focus on Multiply Group for the ten weeks.  

Goer Life Group

Who should consider joining the Goer Life Group?

The Goer Life Group is for people who already have a heart for going/mobilizing others to the unreached but need more training.  This is New Life’s first step of training for people who are planning to go overseas within the next one to three years and are willing to make this one of their highest priorities for the nine months.

What is the time commitment for the Goer Life Group?

The commitment of the group is nine months running on a school calendar (August to May), with a 4-3-2-1 weekly commitment, as described below:

  • 4 Hours weekly large group meeting called “Half-Time”
  • 3+ Hours weekly with Jesus
  • 2+ hours weekly with lost people with other community members
  • 1+ hour weekly praying with other community members
  • 2 hours weekly book reading
  • Monthly update 10 prayer partners
  • Live close to the community

What does the partnership with Launch Global look like?

Launch Global seeks to partner with what God is already doing in these like- minded churches and empower them by providing tools, resources, and people to fulfill their vision. They do this by embedding Launch Global team members into a church staff to increase the church's training and sending capacity. This team works with church leadership to customize the Launch tools and methods in order to fit the church's specific needs and desires. 

Why is it a requirement to move to the same apartment complex?

We want everyone who is involved in a Launch Community to be committed to the mission of the community. We seek to live as if we were a missionary team overseas. Therefore, we pray often, meet often, and evangelize often in our neighborhood together.

What is the difference between the Multiply Group and the Goer Life Group?

Multiply Groups are designed as a “phase one” group that allows you to begin being trained in multiplying your life through focused disciple-making, evangelism, and prayer. The Goer Life Group (the “phase two” group), while doing the same things, is a higher commitment of receiving preparation for going overseas in the near future and learning what it looks like to live as a part of a disciple making team.

New Life Sending

What areas of the world does New Life send to?

New Life is currently focused on sending teams and being faithful supporters of missionaries in Central Asia, East Asia, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and South Asia.

Not everyone is called to move overseas so why should I learn more about missions?

We believe that Jesus’s great commission of “go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19) is a command that He gave to all Christians. The Perspectives class, Multiply Groups, and the Goer Life Group help you to learn and experience what role God has for you to play in being a part of the grand narrative of bringing all the nations to Himself.

How can I learn more about going overseas without moving there long term?

New Life is seeking to send consistent and faithful short-term mission trips to work alongside our long-term missionaries. We take a six-week trip to East Asia each summer and regularly seek to take short-term trips to our other regions.

What ways can I be involved in living missionally here in College Station?

Multiply Groups offer a tangible training to teach you what it looks like to live as a disciple-maker right where you are. Additionally, being a faithful sender to New Life missionaries, taking Perspectives on the World Movement class, and discussing what it looks like to live missionally with your community are all great places to start.

For any other questions, please contact us!