The “Why?” of Giv­ing at New Life

At New Life, we believe that the grace of God – rather than guilt – should be the foun­da­tion for our giv­ing. In 2 Corinthi­ans 8:9, Paul writes, “For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sake He became poor, so that you by His poverty might become rich.”

Jesus, as Cre­ator and Sus­tainer of the uni­verse, is rich. Yet, in His incar­na­tion (tak­ing on flesh and adding human­ity to His deity) and in His death in the place of sin­ners like you and me, He became poor. He did this so that by faith we could take hold of the riches that belong to Him.

That mes­sage — the Gospel mes­sage — must be the foun­da­tion for all giv­ing. If the Gospel is not the foun­da­tion for our giv­ing, then giv­ing will con­tinue to be a strug­gle for us. We will hold onto “our” money until we feel guilty enough to give some of it away. Then, when we do finally give out of guilt, we will likely feel either bit­ter or self-righteous just a short time later.

But when the Gospel is the foun­da­tion of our giv­ing, then we are eager to give gen­er­ously based on Christ’s gen­er­ous gift of for­give­ness, jus­ti­fi­ca­tion, and adop­tion into God’s fam­ily by faith.

The “How?” of Giv­ing at New Life

*Be sure to des­ig­nate your gift in the memo line of your check or on the giv­ing envelopes in the Gath­er­ing Room (Build­ing the Future, Tithe, Mis­sions, etc.)

There are three pri­mary ways you can give finan­cially to New Life:

1. Dur­ing our weekly wor­ship ser­vice you can give as the offer­ing bas­kets are passed, in the offer­ing box, or using one of the envelopes in the backs of the chairs.

2.Through the mail. Please mail all checks to:

New Life Bap­tist Church

700 Uni­ver­sity Dr. East, Ste. 115

Col­lege Sta­tion, TX 77840

3. Through Chase Quick­Pay. This tool will allow you to give any­time from any­where. There are no charges or fees asso­ci­ated with Quick­Pay which means that New Life will receive the total amount that you give​.In order to par­tic­i­pate in online giv­ing through Quick­Pay, you just need a bank account, an email address, and lit­tle bit of time to set up your Quick­Pay account.  After you set up your ini­tial pro­file, all your future giv­ing can be done in just about the same amount of time that it takes to write a check. Below you will find the instruc­tions on how to cre­ate your indi­vid­ual pro­file and how to use QuickPay.

Cre­at­ing Your Indi­vid­ual Profile

*Please email us at finance@​newlifecs.​net in order to begin the process of set­ting up your Chase­Quick Pay account.

1. Log on to www​.Chase​.com/​Q​u​i​c​k​Pay .
2. Click on “Sign up today!” towards the mid­dle of the page.
3. Cre­ate a secure pro­file using the enroll­ment form.

a. For mem­bers of NL: make sure your name matches the name in the directory.

b. For non-members of NL: make sure your name matches the name on your check.

4. Ver­ify your pre­ferred e-mail address
5. Cre­ate a Quick­Pay User ID, pass­word, and secu­rity code.
6. Read and accept the required legal terms includ­ing the E-Sign Dis­clo­sure and Chase Quick­Pay Ser­vice Agree­ment and Pri­vacy Notice.
7. Add the exter­nal bank account you wish to use for this ser­vice.
8. You will need to ver­ify the account by doing the following:

a. Chase will deposit two small amounts (less than $1) into your account.

b. Once those amounts have been deposited you will need to log back into Chase Quick­Pay using your User ID and password.

9. Under the Send Money but­ton you will see Send money from and deposit money to: with your bank account listed below.

a. Click on the link below your bank account, Ver­ify this account, and enter the two amounts that were deposited into your bank account.

10. Start using Chase Quick­Pay to send.

If you are already a Chase cus­tomer then login and begin using your Quick­Pay account.

Using Quick­Pay

  1. Log in to Quick­Pay using your unique User ID and pass­word.
  2. Click on the Send Money button.
  3. Type in New Life Bap­tist Church as the recipient.
  4. Type in giving@​newlifecs.​net as the recip­i­ent email address.
  5. Enter the amount you wish to give.
  6. Select the date in which you wish to send the money on.
  7. Click Next and ver­ify the infor­ma­tion.
  8. Click Send Money and your gift will be processed in 3–5 busi­ness days.

We encour­age you all to use this as a giv­ing tool and please let us know if you have any prob­lems set­ting up your account. Con­tact the Finance Team at finance@​newlifecs.​net.