Forgiven to Forgive

Forgiven to Forgive Part 2″ Tonight at 5pm

Wel­come back from Spring Break! We hope you can join us for the sec­ond part of our mini-series, “For­given to For­give.” In tonight’s mes­sage, Dea­con Matt Bev­ers will be lead­ing us through Paul’s let­ter to Phile­mon. In that let­ter, we’ll learn that we are able to for­give oth­ers because God has for­given us. Far from being […]

Putting Forgiveness into Practice

In last night’s mes­sage, Pas­tor Kyle helped us to under­stand that God is both right­eous and for­giv­ing. How­ever, it was also made clear that the only way for us to be for­given is to agree with God about the sin­ful­ness of our sin and to trust that Jesus pur­chased for­give­ness for us through His perfect […]

How Can a Righteous God Forgive Sin?” Tonight at 5pm

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be tak­ing a break from our Exo­dus series to dive into a two-part series we’ve called, “For­given to For­give.” We hope you can join us this evening as Pas­tor Kyle preaches through Psalm 130 in a mes­sage enti­tled, “How Can a Right­eous God For­give Sin?” The Bible reveals that God […]