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We exist to preserve and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to make mature disciples of all nations for the glory of God.

What is New Life's story?

New Life was planted in March 2009 by Living Hope Baptist Church. Rather than continuing to grow increasingly large in size, Living Hope made the sacrificial and missional decision to plant churches. They gave away quality leaders, church members, and finances in order to better serve and reach our community. New Life began meeting as a core group in May 2008, and we held our first public worship service on March 28, 2009.

What is New Life’s logo, and what does it mean?

Our logo is a speech bubble surrounded by a ring. Everything that we do comes back to our mission statement, and we wanted our logo to be a reflection of that belief. Our mission is to preserve and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to make mature disciples of all nations for the glory of God.

The speech bubble represents Gospel proclamation, reminding us that the joyful privilege of every Christian is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. The ring surrounding the speech bubble represents Gospel preservation, reminding us that the Gospel is always under attack inside and outside the church. We work to preserve the Gospel (theology) in order to proclaim the Gospel (mission).

I noticed that New Life is a Baptist Church. What does that mean?

Not every Baptist church believes the same things, so this is an important question to ask. At New Life, we call ourselves a Baptist church for two primary reasons. First, we believe the Bible teaches the historic Baptist principles of regenerate church membership, congregational church government, and baptism by immersion in water after conversion. Second, we voluntarily affiliate with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), which is an association of free confessing churches.

To expand upon that answer, New Life is similar to many historic Baptist churches who believed:

  • Church membership should be restricted to those who make a credible profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Local churches should be led by a plurality of qualified male elders, but governed by the congregation as a whole.
  • Baptism should be administered by immersion in water to those who have made a credible profession of faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Local churches can accomplish more for the cause of Christ by voluntarily affiliating with one another for causes such as missions, church planting, and evangelism.
How do I join New Life?

We hold membership classes three times per year. Our membership process consists of four hours of teaching, some reading assignments, and a personal meeting with one of our elders. To join New Life, one must listen to the four hours of teaching, complete the reading assignments, participate in a personal meeting with one of our elders, and sign the Statement of Faith and Church Covenant. After completing these steps, the elders recommend prospective members to the church body for membership, and existing members affirm prospective members at a members' meeting. Membership at New Life includes many privileges and responsibilities, and should not be approached lightly. 


If you have more questions about New Life, speak to one of our elders after our weekly worship service, a Life Group Leader, or church member. You can also contact the church office below.