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Liking the Vision and Owning the Vision: Worlds Apart

We had our first Fall 2011 Membership Class on Tuesday evening. It was a joy to see all the people there – some who have been involved for some time now, others who have only been involved for a few weeks. As I drove home that evening, I was thinking about different people who have […]

Christianity: Not an Individual Sport

I recently posted some thoughts from Brad House’s new book, Community: Taking Your Small Groups Off Life Support. Ok, I’ve posted a lot of thoughts from his new book. Here’s another I’ve been chewing on for several days: “Christianity is not an individual sport. We are part of a team. For our community groups to […]

Fall 2011 Membership Classes Begin Tonight!

At New Life, we are convinced that God desires every believer to be a member of a local church. In the local church, believers: Exercise their spiritual gifts and benefit from the spiritual gifts of others (1 Cor. 12:1-11). Encourage and challenge one another in the context of committed relationships (Gal. 6:1-10). Submit to biblically-qualified […]

Pine Cove on Campus this Week

If you are in the process of locking down summer work for 2012, you should stop by the Pine Cove table outside of the Koldus Building between 10am and 3pm. They’ve already been out there for a couple of days, and will be there through Friday afternoon. For more information, you can visit this link.

Taking the First Step in Shedding the Superhero Mentality

In his commentary on Exodus, J.A. Motyer notes this about Moses’ effort to deliver his fellow Israelites in his own strength and on his own timetable: “It is not common for biblical narrative to draw lessons or stop to make moral comments. Yet the point to be made here and the conclusion to be drawn […]

“Shedding the Superhero Mentality” Tonight at 5pm

Please join us tonight at 5pm for the second message of our Exodus series, “Shedding the Superhero Mentality.” The message will cover Exodus 2:1-22. We will see tonight that before Moses could lead others to salvation, he had to be saved himself. This was a work of God’s grace entirely, since there was nothing baby […]

Pine Cove Tailgate Today

My good friend Sam Holm (known to insiders as “Astare”) will be on the A&M campus today and all next week recruiting summer staff for 2012! If you are thinking about working at a Christian camp this summer, stop by the Pine Cove tailgate party this afternoon in Spence Park. Sam and his staff will […]

Canada: A Modern-Day Egypt?

If you had the chance to listen to Sunday’s message on Exodus 1, you probably assumed that most developed nations today were well past any genocidal decrees like Pharaoh’s, where he commanded the murder of every son born to the Israelites. Of course, legalized abortion only differs from Pharaoh’s decree in that murder is not […]

“The ‘Why’ in Community” by Brad House

Based on the recommendation of a friend at our church, I picked up Brad House’s new book, Community: Taking Your Small Group off Life Support. Brad serves as a pastor at Mars Hill Church. An engineer by training, he was brought on staff at Mars Hill about 8 years ago when they had just 15 […]

Applying the Message of Exodus 1

Last night, we preached through Exodus 1 in a message called, “God: Promise Maker and Promise Keeper.” There, we saw that God is always faithful to keep the promises He makes. As a result, we can trust Him no matter what the circumstances of our lives seem to suggest. One major point of application for […]