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Liking the Vision and Owning the Vision: Worlds Apart

We had our first Fall 2011 Mem­ber­ship Class on Tues­day evening. It was a joy to see all the peo­ple there — some who have been involved for some time now, oth­ers who have only been involved for a few weeks. As I drove home that evening, I was think­ing about dif­fer­ent peo­ple who have […]

Christianity: Not an Individual Sport

I recently posted some thoughts from Brad House’s new book, Com­mu­nity: Tak­ing Your Small Groups Off Life Sup­port. Ok, I’ve posted a lot of thoughts from his new book. Here’s another I’ve been chew­ing on for sev­eral days: “Chris­tian­ity is not an indi­vid­ual sport. We are part of a team. For our com­mu­nity groups to mature […]

Fall 2011 Membership Classes Begin Tonight!

At New Life, we are con­vinced that God desires every believer to be a mem­ber of a local church. In the local church, believ­ers: Exer­cise their spir­i­tual gifts and ben­e­fit from the spir­i­tual gifts of oth­ers (1 Cor. 12:1–11). Encour­age and chal­lenge one another in the con­text of com­mit­ted rela­tion­ships (Gal. 6:1–10). Sub­mit to biblically-qualified […]

Pine Cove on Campus this Week

If you are in the process of lock­ing down sum­mer work for 2012, you should stop by the Pine Cove table out­side of the Koldus Build­ing between 10am and 3pm. They’ve already been out there for a cou­ple of days, and will be there through Fri­day after­noon. For more infor­ma­tion, you can visit this link.

Taking the First Step in Shedding the Superhero Mentality

In his com­men­tary on Exo­dus, J.A. Motyer notes this about Moses’ effort to deliver his fel­low Israelites in his own strength and on his own timetable: “It is not com­mon for bib­li­cal nar­ra­tive to draw lessons or stop to make moral com­ments. Yet the point to be made here and the con­clu­sion to be drawn […]

Shedding the Superhero Mentality” Tonight at 5pm

Please join us tonight at 5pm for the sec­ond mes­sage of our Exo­dus series, “Shed­ding the Super­hero Men­tal­ity.” The mes­sage will cover Exo­dus 2:1–22. We will see tonight that before Moses could lead oth­ers to sal­va­tion, he had to be saved him­self. This was a work of God’s grace entirely, since there was noth­ing baby […]

Pine Cove Tailgate Today

My good friend Sam Holm (known to insid­ers as “Astare”) will be on the A&M cam­pus today and all next week recruit­ing sum­mer staff for 2012! If you are think­ing about work­ing at a Chris­t­ian camp this sum­mer, stop by the Pine Cove tail­gate party this after­noon in Spence Park. Sam and his staff will […]

Canada: A Modern-Day Egypt?

If you had the chance to lis­ten to Sunday’s mes­sage on Exo­dus 1, you prob­a­bly assumed that most devel­oped nations today were well past any geno­ci­dal decrees like Pharaoh’s, where he com­manded the mur­der of every son born to the Israelites. Of course, legal­ized abor­tion only dif­fers from Pharaoh’s decree in that mur­der is not […]

The ‘Why’ in Community” by Brad House

Based on the rec­om­men­da­tion of a friend at our church, I picked up Brad House’s new book, Com­mu­nity: Tak­ing Your Small Group off Life Sup­port. Brad serves as a pas­tor at Mars Hill Church. An engi­neer by train­ing, he was brought on staff at Mars Hill about 8 years ago when they had just 15 […]

Applying the Message of Exodus 1

Last night, we preached through Exo­dus 1 in a mes­sage called, “God: Promise Maker and Promise Keeper.” There, we saw that God is always faith­ful to keep the promises He makes. As a result, we can trust Him no mat­ter what the cir­cum­stances of our lives seem to sug­gest. One major point of appli­ca­tion for […]